5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Bother With Fake People

Fake friends can be a major source of stress and emotional pain. They can make you feel like you are constantly walking on eggshells, never knowing when you may be betrayed or taken advantage of. As such, it is important to recognize the signs of fake people and know when it is best to distance […]

How to Recognize Fake Friends and Set Healthy Boundaries

We all need friends, but not all friendships are equal. Everyone has experienced a fake friend at some point in their life. Fake friends can be toxic and drain your energy, while authentic friends can be supportive and bring joy to your life. Knowing the difference between a real and a fake friend is important […]

Dealing With Betrayal: 5 Zen Ways to Overcome a Broken Heart

Focusing on the Present to Move Past Pain It can be difficult to move past the pain of betrayal, especially when we are still in shock and trying to make sense of what happened. However, practicing mindfulness can be an effective way of dealing with the hurt, helping us to move on and heal. Mindfulness […]